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Workshop details

We have just published a new flyer with details of our most popular workshops. All available for schools, home educators or other groups. Take a look and let us know if you would like further information or to book a workshop. Click here to view the flyer: Gather & Sirius workshops

My summer holiday: writing a book!

So, what have we been up to over the summer? Well, the answer is: quite a lot. You may have noticed the more streamlined website. Well that was thing number one. Do let us know what you think. The new website was designed in part to help promote a new project: Gather Round. Gather Round offers workshops and training to schools, with storytelling at its heart. Tuition has continued and Ruth and Paul have worked with West of England Homestays, tutoring French students in English for the 3rd year running. We have also done a bit of relaxing fun with … Continue reading

Gather Round

Bringing together their years of teaching experience and educational study with their subject expertise in English, history and drama to create a variety of story telling experiences which can be brought to your school, community or youth group. Continue reading

6 tips for writing an essay introduction

“How do I write a good essay introduction for my exam?” I have been working on essay writing with many students in the run up to the exam season and if there is one piece of information that I could give students writing essays for exams, be they GCSE, A level or even degree it is that the introduction is key. A good introduction is perhaps the most important element for an exam essay. It does not need to be long. It does not need to be complex. It does not need to be ‘clever’, but there are a few key things … Continue reading

30 second tips: its or it’s?

The first of our 30 second tips went down well, so now it is time for a second. Today, we are looking at its and it’s. This is one which often confuses people. Hopefully this little clip will give you a way to remember which one you use in which situation.  The first series of our course ‘The mechanics of English’ which gives you more strategies for improving your spelling as well as looking at grammar and application of language, is up and running now. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter or contact us, if you want to be … Continue reading

What we offer

Literacy Consultancy

Ruth will work with your teachers to develop an effective literacy plan to implement in your school. Combine Ruth's experience and expertise of English, literacy, drama and phonics with your expert knowledge of your school and pupils to create a rounded and exciting approach to Literacy.

Workshops, CPD and Clubs

Gather Round is a new project bringing together our extensive knowledge of education, drama, English and history through the art of storytelling. Work with Gather Round in workshops, staff CPD or after school clubs and experience the magic of a story well told.


One-to-one or group tuition, online or face-to-face we can set up the perfect tuition for you. Whether you are a home educator, a parent or a school; whether you want a pre-exam boost, confidence building or subject specialist input, we can provide the package for you.
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