Analysis group gets underway

Thanks to a great response to our small group, online English sessions we have been able to offer two groups a week. We are now in our second week and it is going really well.

Our first session was:

What is analysis? 

  • What does it mean to analyse?
  • Why do we analyse in the study of English?
  • How is analysis useful in real life?

The second session was:

Media analysis – print media

  • What are purpose and audience?
  • What are connotation and denotation?
  • Analysing adverts

Our next topic will be:

Media analysis – moving image

  • How and why does the media categorise the audience?
  • Analysis of TV adverts
  • How do different film trailers appeal to their target audience? (All films will be of an appropriate certificate for all children in the group)

There are a couple of spaces left, so if your child is KS3 or KS4 and would be interested in joining a skills based approach to analysis on a Tuesday evening or a Friday morning, do get in touch. The cost is £7 per session.

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