FREE session

The first thing we offer all potential clients is a free half hour session.  This is to gain a broad insight into interests, areas of strength, and areas for development so that future sessions can be tailored to your needs from the start. We will also do a few exercises so that you can see our teaching style and mode of engaging with students.

One of the most important things for the success of a learning relationship is that the tutor and tutee can work well together.  This free session will allow us to meet and chat, and enable you to be confident that you are investing time and money into the right tutors.

We can also use this time to discuss your needs and wants; whether you are looking for specific subject input, a skill focus with cross curricular input, or exam practice, for example.

The free session can be at a venue of your choice, or via Skype.

Contact us and book your free session now.