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Bringing together our extensive knowledge of education, drama, English and history through the art of storytelling.

11702840_951485814916206_9204598167424375157_nInvite an historical figure to take you on a journey through their life and time. We bring excellent story telling, costumed characters and period objects to handle. Let us evoke the sights, sounds a smells of Shakespeare’s world or Victorian England. We can provide workshops for key characters and periods studied at KS1 and 2. Contact us to discuss your needs.



Experience life inside a book. We provide visits from characters from popular books. Be enslaved into eternal winter by Jadis, Queen of Narnia; Get stuck on a island with Kensuke; Learn gobblefunk with one of your favourite Roald Dahl characters. An excellent activity for World Book Day or just to add excitement to literature study. Contact us to discuss the character or story you would like us to create.


9169068026_65c4bd0650_mTell your own story.  Incorporating a variety of literacy and drama skills to take you on a journey through your own story, you will learn about the art of story-telling. Find your own story and develop it into a theatrical or creative writing piece, exploring autobiography, exaggeration, and drama skills along the way.



Play in a day. 

Work with a theatre practitioner who will guide your group to create a polished performance. Learn a variety of drama skills to raise confidence, improve speaking and listening and build theatrical skills. A fun and focused session and creating an original performance piece. We can provide a theme or it can link with school work or targets. 

"We had a fantastic day, learning all about Florence Nightinngale from a first hand
point of view. The children loved being able to ask her questions and they
especially liked helping her to bandage up wounded soldiers."

Pam Jennings (class teacher) Chilmark & Fonthill Bishop School, Wiltshire
"A fun and engaging afternoon which the children thoroughly enjoyed.
Ruth's flexible approach meant children were kept on task at all times. 
Fantastic practical resources and hands on approach to bring Florence to life. 
I would highly recommend to all teacher colleagues."

Heather Woolley (class teacher) St John the Baptist School, Solihull
"We've had the fortune to indulge in Ruth's Shakespeare workshops, for both my 
younger children and teenager. It's wonderful to see children so engaged, 
using all their senses and having something to remember fondly for years after. 
Thank you for being Shakespeare into their lives." Georgina Ward
"Ruth is inspiring and engaging. She skillfully took children across a range of 
age groups and brought Shakespeare to life. Parents and children alike thoroughly 
enjoyed the day and learnt a great deal. Thank you." Chantelle Mussard
I could talk about the perfect pace, content or venue.
However, I think nothing expresses better how, successful the day was in bringing the wonderful 
history of Shakespeare's writing to life, than my children still speaking about their experience 
two years later. I simply cannot recommend the day enough. 

Home educating parent Lorna (Noah, 6 and Scarlett, 5)

After school clubs

We all know drama is a useful tool for developing interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. We have developed an after school club package to develop skills such as team work, turn taking, empathy, tolerance and critical thinking and are currently looking for partner schools to pilot the sessions. The ready made session plans, cover a half term, term or year.  Each session is planned as 4 x 15 minute sections, so can they be bolted together to create 30 minute, 45 minute or 1 hour sessions.

If you are in the local area, you can also hire one of our practitioners to deliver these sessions for you.

Teacher CPD

Bring in an expert in English, Drama or History to create a fun and invigorating session, reminding you of how to cover the curriculum in an immersive and exciting way for your children. The best bit is, the sessions are a lot of fun for teachers too!

Planning days

Our subject expert teachers are available to plan with you for the upcoming term or year. Let our in-depth subject knowledge combine with your expert knowledge of the children in your school, to create a balanced and rounded approach to the curriculum.


Workshops start at £125 plus travel

Teacher CPD starts at £125 plus travel

Planning days start at £250 plus travel

After school club resources start at £30

After school club practitioners start from £50 plus travel

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