Online tutorials

Like the sound of our tuition, but too far away for face-to-face tutorials?  Why not try an online tutorial?

We offer online tutorials to students enabling you to access our tuition wherever you are.  You do not need any fancy equipment, just a computer and a Skype connection, Google Hangouts ID or similar.

Online tutorials work in a similar way to face-to-face tutorials.  Sessions can be set up using webcam or voice only settings and we can discuss topics, set work and give advice as you would face-to-face.

We then use email to send and recieve tasks set during the session as well as any follow up work we set for the next session.  You then also have the ability to email us with questions between sessions which we can either answer by email or address in the next session.

We ask that an email is set up specifically for this purpose and that both parents and children have the password for this email.

Contact us to book your free half hour introductory session.