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A friend asked today about science experiments they could do with their child and I reeled off a few, but it got me thinking about where I have got my ideas for science experiments which are easy to do at home.  Today’s mini blog, therefore is a list of some of the books, websites and other inspiration from which many of our science experiments at home come.


1) A great book we have used for years is Usborne’s 50 science things to make and do. The activities range from things that young children can do unsupervised to more complex activities for older children, or to do together.

2) Another good book we have, and one my daughter really enjoys looking at, is Do try this at home: Cook it by Punk Science in association with The Science Museum. It’s a great combination of fun and food. (I should have mentioned it in Tuesday’s cooking blog post!)

3) A good book for experiments to do with older children is Crisp Packet Fireworks: Maverick Science to Try at Home.


There are many great websites and blogs with fabulous educational ideas.  These are our top three at the moment.

1) Fantastic ideas and a really easy to navigate, colourful site.

2) Not just a science blog, has some fantastic ideas. This jelly snakes one is one of my favourites.

3) has some great ideas too.

Other sources of ideas

1) I (Ruth) did the Future Learn Kitchen Chemistry course earlier this year and it had many experiment ideas. It definitely improved my science knowledge so that I now feel confident doing science experiments with our children at home and don’t just leave it all to Paul!

2) Paul’s astronomy has also rubbed off on our children and we have a great Little Labs experiment kit which is used a lot: Stars and Planets

3) We also love the horrible science kits. One of our favourites so far has been Shocking Rockets – well if you are going to explore the stars, you need to get there!

4) Finally a new thing today…we have just downloaded the James Dyson Foundation Challenge Cards. We’ll let you know how those go!


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