30 second tips: its or it’s?

The first of our 30 second tips went down well, so now it is time for a second. Today, we are looking at its and it’s. This is one which often confuses people. Hopefully this little clip will give you a way to remember which one you use in which situation.  The first series of our course ‘The mechanics of English’ which gives you more strategies for improving your spelling as well as looking at grammar and application of language, is up and running now. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter or contact us, if you want to be … Continue reading

30 second tips: Spelling

This is the first of our 30 second tips; and that’s just what they are. 30 second films which give you a mini lesson in something that you might find useful. Today, we are looking at spelling and a strategy you might want to employ to help you improve your spelling. This is a variant of the ‘look, cover, write, check’ method, but really helps you to commit the letter order to memory. If spelling is something you’d like help with, don’t forget our upcoming course, ‘The mechanics of English’ which will give you more strategies for improving your spelling … Continue reading

Analysis group gets underway

Thanks to a great response to our small group, online English sessions we have been able to offer two groups a week. We are now in our second week and it is going really well. Our first session was: What is analysis?  What does it mean to analyse? Why do we analyse in the study of English? How is analysis useful in real life? The second session was: Media analysis – print media What are purpose and audience? What are connotation and denotation? Analysing adverts Our next topic will be: Media analysis – moving image How and why does the media categorise … Continue reading