The mechanics of English

Session outline and dates:

This course runs on Tuesday evenings from 7pm until 8pm

Cost £36: Contact us to book

  1. Spelling: Part one                                                               20th January 
    • Some rules of spelling
    • Some of the roots of English and how they can help with spelling
    • Ways to improve your spelling
  2. Spelling: Part two                                                               27th January 
    • Making the most of spelling tools
    • Spotting your own common errors
    • Why confidence is key
  3. Grammar                                                                              3rd February 
    • Key grammar points explained
    • Submit your burning grammar questions before the session
    • Sentence structure
  4. Cohesion and Coherence                                                 10th February 
    • How do you make your writing stick together?
    • How to make your writing clear and easy to follow
  5. Effective proof reading and editing                             17th February 
    • What is it?
    • Why does it matter?
    • Practice makes perfect!
  6. How to write for effect                                                     24th February 
    • How vocabulary choices, sentence structure and punctuation are used in a variety of text types.
    • Reading a variety of texts and exploring vocabulary and grammar choices
    • Writing in a variety of styles

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