We offer workshops in a range of subjects. We can come to your school, youth group, HE group or any other group setting.

Some of the workshops we offer are detailed below, however we are happy to discuss your exact requirements and tailor a quote to these.

Shakespeare workshops

These can be stand alone sessions or combined.

  • Will’s World: A social history of Shakespearean English told by Anne Hathaway includes object handling.11702840_951485814916206_9204598167424375157_n
  • Mind your thees and thous: Exploring Shakespearean English
  • Shall I compare thee: Reading and writing Shakespearean sonnets
  • A Trip to the Globe: Exploring Shakespearean Theatre
  • The Play’s The Thing: Exploring the themes/story of a Shakespeare play of your choice.


Drama workshops

  • Confidence building
  • Team building
  • Storytelling


12819191_1076437895754330_4994872927977120291_oCharacter visits

    • Historical characters/periods (Florence Nightingale; Tudors; Victorians)
    • Astronaut
    • Book characters  (Call to discuss your exact requirements)







Space Science workshops are offered by Paul through Sirius Astronomy:

  • Solar observing
  • Night sky observation
  • Comet making
  • Planet making
  • History of the Universe
  • Space travel

Guest Speaking

Both Ruth and Paul are available as speakers.  Contact us to discuss your exact requirements.


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