Book club

Session outline and dates:

This course runs on Friday mornings. 9-10am for KS2 and 10.15-11.15am for KS3/4

Cost £18: Contact us to book

Book to be confirmed.

  1. An introduction to the book                                1 hour                         11th Septeber 2015
    • Introductory activities
    • Pre-reading activities
    • Introduction to how the book club will work
  2. Email sent with study ideas (not compulsory)                                  18th September
  3. Email sent with study ideas (not compulsory)                                  24th September
    1. Question and answer plus activities       1 hour                                  2nd October  
      • How are you finding the book so far?
      • Any questions? (Questions can be submitted before the session)
      • Where do you think the book will go?
  4. Email sent with study ideas (not compulsory)                                   9th October 
  5. Book club discussion                                             1 hour                          16th October
    • Group discussion on the book
    • Activities around the book

2 Responses to Book club

  1. Jenny Wellby says:

    Sounds good. Do you know what the september ks3/4 book will be please?

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